Kliniek voor Ademtechniek

Eager to help more people improve their breathing techniques, expansion of the visibility was needed via new website and organic marketing strategy.

July 5, 2023
Sam van Houten
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For the Kliniek voor Ademtechniek (Clinic for Breathing Techniques), located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Studio Samwise built a completely new website along with a organic marketing strategy. The Kliniek voor Ademtechniek is specialised in improving people's health by focussing on improved breathing. Their unique approach has been developed by a long term partnership between a pulmonologist and a physiotherapist. Together they diagnose and treat their patients with great success.

Migrating website to Webflow

Breathing techniques are in a highly competitive search space with numerous homeopathic and spiritual solutions. A faster website was required to stay competitive. We switched from Wordpress to Webflow and migrated the existing website. All original content and web pages had to be relocated to Webflow to maintain current traffic.

On deciding to move to Webflow, we also decided to enhance the website design to make it more attractive and user-friendly. The primary objective remained to accelerate the website's speed.

New website design

The design for the new website had to be user friendly, accessible but also display trustworthiness and being knowledgeable. The design for Kliniek voor Ademtechniek is clean, static and focussed on the patients journey through the website.

Screenshot of Kliniek voor Ademtechniek website
Screenshot of Kliniek voor Ademtechniek website

A trustworthy and user-friendly website for a healthcare provider creates a welcoming and reassuring digital environment for anyone seeking care or information. Clean in its design and use of space, the site uses a thoughtful palette of calm greens and blues, known for their association with health, tranquility and dependability. Accessibility is a key priority; easy-to-read fonts, intuitive layout, and user-friendly navigational tools all ensure visitors can easily find the information they seek, assuring a smooth, satisfying patient journey. Encapsulating the very essence of care, this website places patients first, making them feel valued, respected, and in control of their health decisions.

(Organic) Marketing strategy

As the healthcare provider set a goal to grow organically, the main focus of the marketing strategy was on search engine optimisation. By creating quality content on the website to help patients in their journey, the website should be able to grow organically. As the two founders of the Kliniek voor Ademtechniek are specialists in their field and thus have the ability to score high on authority and trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines. It therefor is a logical choice to create quality content with them as authors.

Studio Samwise has performed an extensive search analyses for the breathing search space to identify content gaps, key competitors and search trends. From such analysis a clear topical hierarchy followed for content and a site structure. Taking into account the patient journey is a very important aspect within healthcare. People often search similar to their thought train;

Symptoms -> Disease -> Causes -> Treatments -> Cost & insurance -> Aftercare & prevention

This is of course a simplified version of our approach. To kickstart the visibility we decided to start with a local and low budget advertising campaign in Google search. This helps show the local audience the website and content. If done correctly it will increase engagement and show the search engine the potential value of the website.

Next steps

Of course there is still a lot of potential in further improving the website, marketing and other touch points with potential customers. Studio Samwise and Kliniek voor Ademtechniek continue to work together closely in improving visibility, authority and user friendliness of the website and content.

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