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About me

Sam van Houten - Freelance product manager & more

A versatile freelancer with a passion for creating innovative solutions. With a background in product management, data science, and creating websites & marketing strategies, I offer a wide range of services to help businesses grow faster and overcome challenges.

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For the past 4.5 years I have been working as an entrepreneur in Amsterdam in tech. We started out as data science consultants. After 1 year we focussed on turning a MVP solution into a SaaS product. My co-founder was mainly responsible for the software and tech stack while I was responsible for all other business operations.

Product manager

At KeyWI, Wevolver and others I have been working as product manager. In this capacity I have been responsible for short- and long term roadmap, gathering feedback and insights for further development and providing the development team with sufficient user stories and acceptance criteria to build the product.

UX/UI Designer

During my work as an entrepreneur I have also taken responsibility for the UX/UI design of the solutions we have built. From consulting work to our own software products, I used Figma to create wireframes, QA development work and perform user tests to create a user friendly experience.

Group setting people on couches


The joy in creating delicious food is maybe even bigger than eating it. At home there are almost more cooking books than regular books.


Any sport is fun, but especially sports with a game component in it. From field hockey, tennis, swimming, running, cycling to gymming.


Growing plants is a satisfaction that takes patience and a green touch. It's a delight to see a seed turn into a plant.